Children and Young People

SiS Tasmania can support children in a number of ways

Legal representation

SiS Tasmania can provide legal representation to children in family violence, sexual assault, restraint orders, or any other relevant legal matters. SiS Tasmania can act for children if they are Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander, or their family are.

Holistic wrap around support alongside legal representation

SiS Tasmania can provide all wrap around non-legal supports to children as long as this is relevant to the individual.

Support of parents capacity building to support their children

In instances where children are not the primary clients of SiS but a parent of the child is, SiS works to support the child by working in a family-centric space. SiS will work to support parents to implement support for their children - both for matters parents identify, and for matters that are identified throughout SiS engagement. This may involve systems liaison and advocacy, safety/support planning, education programs, referrals, or other forms of support. SiS recognizes the importance of acknowledging children as victim-survivors of family violence in their own right when they have experienced exposure to this. SiS also acknowledges the deep hurt from system intervention in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parenting in the past, and will work from a strengths-based, anti-oppressive and person-centered way to empower individuals to take action, to avoid incorporating potentially harmful systems intervention.